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Resolutions are requests from synods to the Church Council or units or offices of the churchwide organization.  Either Synod Assemblies or Synod Councils may originate resolutions.  Resolutions have a narrower focus than memorials because they are requests for consideration or action by individual units or offices or the Church Council.


The deadline for all resolutions to be submitted to the Arkansas-Oklahoma Assembly Reference and Counsel Committee will be 9:00 AM Saturday, May 2, 2020.


Please type or legibly write your resolution in the space below.  If you have more than one resolution to submit, please copy this form.  Only one resolution should be included per form.  If there is insufficient space on this form for your resolution, you may attach the resolution to this form after completing the items at the bottom of this page.


Please sign the form at the bottom of the page, indicate the name and location of your congregation, and include the signature of your pastor or the president of the congregation.  (This signature is requested to certify that you are a participating member of an ELCA congregation in the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod.)


Before writing the resolution, please study the worksheet on each page.


Memorials address broad policy issues and are passed by Synod Assemblies for consideration by the Churchwide Assembly. 


Memorials should be addressed to the churchwide organization.  Memorials may request that synods and congregations do something the writers desire, but they cannot compel synods or congregations to do these things. 


Memorials must include a final “resolved” clause asking the Churchwide Assembly to act (or refrain from acting) in a particular way. 

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