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Building Bridges

At our Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod Assembly in 2016, we passed a resolution calling upon all congregations and ministries of our Synod to “address the realities of racism” in our congregations and communities. As a response to Jesus’ command for all disciples and the Church to be a reconciling force in the world and to be a people who actively build bridges in our relationships, communities, and world, Bishop Mike convened the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod’s Building Bridges conversation in December 2016. Those present at the Building Bridges conversation quickly went to work looking for ways to help inspire, support and encourage your work as a congregation and as disciples of Jesus Christ.  


This page is dedicated to help people and congregations find new ways to Build Bridges with other people in your community and around the world. 

Below you will find a list of resources recommended by the Arkansas-Oklahoma Building Bridges Team. These are just suggestions for you, and certainly not the only resources available for you to use. If you have other ideas Bishop Becca at




list of memoirs (books) that are good for your own use or to share with a group. 


Something to Try- Perspectives Potluck. Learn more about trying to learn more about people in your community that might have a different perspective. 



Podcasts are a great way to hear many different speakers on many different topics.


2018 AR-OK Synod Assembly speaker, Cynthia Nance, suggests this list of diverse podcasts. Click here to go to the podcasts. 


Have fun listening! 



Here is a list of videos that would be good to see. Also on this list there are some books.




The following resource list serves as a guide for learning about the Tulsa Race Massacre.


Six Days Project: Spiritual Practices for Engaging Racial Justice

Every day, a small way to embolden each of us in God’s call to dismantle racism. Six days of prompts. The seventh day is a call to Sunday sabbath & worship. 

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