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The Living God’s Abundance Grant is made possible by the generous gifts of congregations and individuals received during the synod’s Living God’s Abundance capital campaign.  We are grateful to all those who contributed to support thriving Lutheran mission and ministry across the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod and beyond!

LIVING GOD’S ABUNDANCE grants provide financial resources for the congregations, clusters and other ministries of the Arkansas-Oklahoma synod in three areas:  Growing Ministry, Inspired Leadership and Vibrant Connections.

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GROWING MINISTRY GRANTS help synod congregations, clusters or other ministries start new ministries or expand existing programs or activities.  Congregations and ministries often need “seed money” to begin new ministries and programs in their local community. Funds can be used to underwrite new servant projects and outreach programs in the name of Jesus Christ.  An existing program or ministry can be expanded to reach new people, provide wider services or opportunities, or enrich what is already happening.


GROWING MINISTRY GRANTS have been given to…


  • Help hire staff to expand outreach ministry.

  • Expand a congregation’s meal program

  • Begin a ministry with the disabled community.

  • Build a nursery to help a congregation expand their ministry to young families.

  • Provide training for a new Mission Developer.

INSPIRED LEADERSHIP GRANTS help synod leaders of all kinds develop new skills, sharpen old ones, support and encourage one another through networks and relationship building, and connect leaders to resources for their ministries.  Leadership grants are available for pastors and deacons, congregation council members, musicians, worship leaders, faith formation leaders and other lay leaders. Grants can be given to provide leadership development opportunities for youth and young adults.




  • Provide support for a Theological Education for Emerging Leaders (TEEM) minister.

  • Help defray the costs of conferences for new mission starts, congregations considering consolidation, and other renewal programs.

  • Help defray the costs of attending the ELCA Rostered Minister Gathering.

  • Begin a Mutual Ministry Cohort program for Rostered Ministers.

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VIBRANT CONNECTION GRANTS provide support for programs and activities that build networks between congregations and ministries, use technology to communicate more effectively, and build partnerships with others in the communities where they serve.  Communication and technology grants can help congregations take advantage of webinars, participate in synod meetings and programs shared over the Internet, and develop their presence and ministry through social media. Grants to clusters or groups of congregations can help build networks of support and resource sharing, and host gatherings and activities that can strengthen our work as church together.  Grants can support programs and activities done with ecumenical and other partners in your local community.




  • Provide resources to develop technology “hubs” where congregations can gather to participate in webinars and other web-based programs.

  • Help a congregation expand their use of technology to reach out to friends and neighbors.

  • Start a community-wide program called “Family Promise” where  congregations work together across denominations to care for homeless families.

LIVING GOD’S ABUNDANCE GRANTS are one time grants and are not intended for continuing support of projects, programs or activities. Grant recipients will be asked to contribute to their proposed project from their own resources and, where applicable, to indicate how the project will be sustained once the grant is exhausted.  While there are no set limits to the size of the grants awarded (other than the dollars available in the fund), most of the grants awarded thus far have ranged from $500-$7500.


If you are interested in receiving a grant, please call 918-492-4288 or email the synod office at  


Though the Living God’s Abundance campaign is official over, you can still support these grants with your gifts!  


You can support the LIVING GOD’S ABUNDANCE GRANT program in two ways:


  1. Give a gift to support the entire LIVING GOD’S ABUNDANCE grant.  Your gift will be divided equally between the three granting areas.

  2. Give to a specific grant area that you are particularly passionate about. 

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