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What does the Synod mean to you?

What ways has it helped your life, your church, or your community? Discover stories and impressions from your fellow synod members below and find out how you can submit one of your own. 

John Barfield

"If it wasn't for the Synod, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Nia Indelicato

"The Synod is about a connection to the greater body of Christ."

Pastor Mike Girlinghouse

"Being Synod is about congregations and ministries working together as we put God's Grace in Motion"

Peter Kumpe

"Opportunity to meet and form relationships with people all across Arkansas and Oklahoma."

Kathy Pierson

"Synod is a wealth of resources and relationships waiting to be explored all under the canopy of our shared Faith in Jesus Christ."

Pastor Liz Albertson

"We can be stronger, we can be better, we can be more creatives because we have been called together in this way through Jesus Christ."

Elise L.

"It is a place where when I go to some events whether it be youth or Senate assembly, I feel welcomed and safe and loved for who I am."

Now it's your turn!

Help us to continue to spread the word of "Why Synod" by submitting and sharing your own video! It's EASY! Download the submission document for a step-by-step of how to participate! 

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