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Have you ever had one of those days...

I want to share something I received in an email at just the right time this week from It’s funny how God works things into our lives at just the right time, isn’t it? See if you can relate to any of this.

Have you ever had one of those days when all of your experiences invite you to feel that so much is going wrong? Those days can feel incredibly heavy.

After just a few negative interactions with others involving gossip, complaining, or blaming and we can quickly begin to believe what we are hearing and experiencing. In addition, we begin to normalize the behavior in our minds and imaginations. Then we start reinforcing the story by repeating things to ourselves or others like:

This place is so negative. We are making huge mistakes. Nothing is going well. I can't get this right. People need to get a grip. People are out to get me.

Although we might believe "everyone" feels or behaves a certain way, the reality is "everyone" is the minority. We have simply chosen to see, notice, and inadvertently reward the negative. Thankfully, there is a clear alternative to help reduce the impact of such negativity.

As leaders we want to make a difference and we are responsible for finding ways to do so for ourselves and creating those possibilities for others as well.

Choose to see, notice, comment on, reinforce and model the behaviors that you want. Each day you will be presented with multiple opportunities.

What can happen if you choose to re-normalize good behavior?

Here’s to engaging differently for healthy and positive experiences we all deserve.

With gratitude, Aaron Deckert


Being reminded of this helped me change my lens through which I choose to see the world. When “everyone” wanted to pull me back, I stopped and thought about the positive. Interestingly I was able to find a positive in everything that came up. I wonder how we could influence those around us if we always stopped and thought, or asked the question out loud when we are around other people, where is the positive? It might be a stretch sometimes, but the practice of always looking for the positive will impact our attitudes and hopefully those around us. In the positives is where I find the opportunities! Love God, love each other!

Pastor Steve

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