• Krista Feierabend

June 7: The Holy Trinity - Download and Share Bishop Eaton's sermon

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton has rerecorded her national sermon and Gospel reading to share with the church on Sunday, June 7, The Holy Trinity.

The revised video is available now below and on YouTube (view) and Vimeo (download). Links to the written transcript and videos with subtitles are posted in the video description. They can be found in English and Spanish.

Updated worship resources for a Service of the Word are available in PDF and DOC formats. This includes updates to the Prayers of Intercession and additional resources for lament.

Finally, for those congregations encouraging home devotions, the weekly “Worship in the Home” series on our worship blog includes a link to the revised sermon.

Thank you for your hard work and understanding during this shift in direction. As we worship in many different locations across the country this weekend, may we be reminded that we, as members of the ELCA, are still one body of Christ, even when we cannot be together in person.

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