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2020 Synod Assembly News

We are sad to report that the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod Council has decided not to meet October 16-18 in Tulsa for our 2020 Synod Assembly, and wait to meet again until our regularly scheduled 2021 Assembly time, April 30-May 2, 2021.  We came to this conclusion for a number of reasons:

  • The clear evidence that large gatherings like our assembly are high-risk for spreading COVID-19, which will still be with us in October.

  • The difficulty of maintaining appropriate physical distance between participants in the worship area, break times and especially at meals where masks cannot be worn.  

  • Concerns for the safety of the large number of vulnerable persons who normally would attend an Assembly as voting members.

  • Our inability to serve meals and snacks in a way that is consistent with guidelines for food service during the pandemic.

  • The possibility that large groups may be restricted at the time of the Assembly.  This possibility would make advanced planning for both Assembly leaders and congregations uncertain and difficult.

We hope and pray we will be able to meet in person next spring.  However, we will also be looking into options for holding some type of online Assembly if meeting in person is not possible.  

Bishop Mike

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