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Hybrid Church Webinar Series

Hybrid Church Webinar Series: Forced to scramble to go online in just a few weeks during the COVID pandemic, the church has discovered the online world is far more than a replacement for the yellow pages. It is a place where genuine community and real ministry happens. These sessions will be an overview of several are as of congregational ministry and reflect on how to begin to move every aspect of church life to a dual platform – on-the-ground and online. This “hybrid” kind of ministry will be the new norm for the next season in most congregations' work. You will begin to reframe your thinking on a particular aspect of congregational ministry. Becoming a hybrid church is one path forward to both strengthen the church and reach new people with the gospel in bold, creative new ways. Congregations (Rostered and Lay Leaders) are invited to this 5-

week FREE series on Monday evenings beginning July 26th at 7 p.m. (CDT) You will hear from Dave Daubert, Deacon Kenny Cham pagne, and John Roberto.

July 26th - “Introducing the Hybrid Church”

The advent of technology in the church during the pandemic has opened up all sorts of new options for ministry. But a key to all of this is having the right mindset to sort out the choices before us and using technology and in person options in wise ways. This takes vision to see the options and the ability to sort through them with wisdom. This webinar will help participants begin to see how to discern the best path forward in their context, since hybrid ministry will look different in each context.

August 2nd– “Designing Hybrid Faith Formation for the Post-Pandemic World”

For decades the church and faith formation have relied on in-person, fixed-time gatherings, events, and programming offered in physical spaces. The pandemic disrupt ed this “default” model, and pushed us to experiment with new models. Hybrid models of church and faith formation integrate in-person gatherings at church or in family groups or small group meetings with online content with a rich menu of faith forming experiences. Hybrid models hold together two important values: the im portance of in-person relationships and faith forming experiences, and the importance of being responsive to the complexity of people’s lives and their religious spiritual needs. Hybrid models expand faith formation opportunities for everyone, allowing leaders to become much more strategic about when, where, how, and for what we gather people because we can now integrate online with in-person faith forming.

August 9th- "Hybrid Worship - how on-the-ground and online worship connect”

Most people think of hybrid church and immediately think of online worship. This maybe because worship is the thing most likely to have been moved online during the pandemic. But now that the pandemic is waning and we are in person and online, how do we create the kind of worship that best engages people with the God who comes into our midst as we gather? We’ll look at good practices for both online and on-the-ground worship in this new day.

August 16 - “Engaging People Online - it takes more than being there”

Much of the church’s social media and online worship presence has been one directional - the church puts the message out and hopes people respond. Before the pan demic, most social ministry pages were used primarily to share information and invite people to things like Easter and Christmas. But a hybrid church moves social me dia into the proactive and relational sphere and calls the church to look at creating two-way interactions and engagement in ways that go way beyond a place to adver tise and attract visitors to the physical church building.

August 23 - Technology Options for the Hybrid Church”

If a congregation decides that online ministry will be a long-term part of its ministry plan, it will have choices about the kinds of technology that it needs/wants in order to do the work well. Some low budget things can make a big difference. Investing more give more options. But knowing what your choices are and how they impact the ways you do ministry is essential. We’ll look at some good basic options and a range of ways to augment your current tech resources for small groups, hybrid meetings, online worship and more.

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