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Epiphany Bulletin Inserts and Powerpoint Slides

Dear Friends:

I sometimes get asked, "So, what exactly IS a 'synod'?" Others have asked "Why do we have a synod?" The answer to the first question is that the "synod" is all 51 congregations and ministries that make up the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod -- about 7500 of us -- doing God's work as individuals, congregations and together in our three states and across the globe. The answer to the second question is that the synod supports and encourages the ministries and congregations that make up the synod in a variety of ways, connects us one to another and to the wider work of the church beyond our local communities. During the Epiphany season, we'd like to invite all our congregations and ministries to learn a little more about some of the things we do together as a synod. In the zip file below, you will find bulletin inserts and slides you can use in your bulletin, worship Powerpoint, newsletter or other media to share some stories about our synod over the five Sundays of Epiphany. In addition to the stories, there is also a brief statement about why we can do more, be more and see more by working together as Synod. This statement can either be the back of the bulletin inserts or used as a stand alone slide.

Epiphany 2021 Slides 2
Download ZIP • 4.12MB

Bishop Mike is available during Epiphany (digitally) to join you for worship, join a study or group to talk about Synod ministry, preach or lead worship. Give him a call if you'd like to set up a visit through Zoom or other media!

Peace, Bishop Mike Perfect love casts out fear. --1 John 4:18

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