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Walk/Run/Bike Challenge: Becca

As you start off on this Run, Walk, Bike Challenge, one of the first steps is to figure out your goal. Each of us have different goals which is why we didn’t give any suggested goals for this event. Some of us might have a monthly goal to bike 250 miles or run 100, for others our goal is to just walk one mile a day or maybe it is even as simple as to walk to the end of the driveway. All those goals are valid as long as your goal setting keeps in mind where you are now. If you have never run before, planning to run 100 miles this month is not a practical goal just as if you are an ultra-marathoner having the goal to once walk to the end of the driveway is also not a practical goal.

Goals are meant to push us a little further than where we currently are, but should also be attainable. The expression SMART goals is often used where SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. For this Run, Walk, Bike Challenge, we have already set the time being the month of April. And now it is time for you to set the rest.

  • What is your specific goal? A total number of miles for the month or a daily amount of time?

  • What is your Measurable goal? Will you measure success in miles, in time or in the amount of dollars you will raise? Is your goal Attainable? Is this something that you can achieve but also not something so simple that you will complete it by April 2?

  • Is your goal Relevant? Hopefully being active is a way you can care for the body God has given you and raising money for the AOK Synod aligns with your values.

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