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God's Grace in Motion

We are excited to announce our latest initiative; the AR/OK Synod Run/Walk/Bike Challenge. During the month of April, we challenge you to get up and get moving in support of our Synod. Movement is key; while it is called the Run/Walk/Bike Challenge, anything goes! You can Swim, skip, jump rope, rollerblade, skateboard, or pogo stick! You can choose a distance that works for you. The goal is to gather pledges for your given distance. The funds collected will be used by the Synod to live out our motto of “God’s Grace in Motion” and cover expenses to get Bishop Mike and Pastor Becca out into our congregations. Look for further details on this challenge in the February and March newsletters, as well as weekly blog posts during the month of April. We will be sharing goal-setting and inspirational tips. We hope to see you out there truly being God’s Grace in Motion!


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