Many Thanks!

Updated: Oct 18, 2019


Many thanks for all the prayers this past week and also for the cards, letters, and well-wishes I have received from so many. The prayers have been felt and have sped along my recovery. God is good! The picture is a prayer quilt from the folks at Resurrection in Yukon, OK. Each knot represents a prayer... and, by extension, all the prayers that have surrounded me these days. Many thanks for this beautiful gift (the quilt and the prayers!)

A little over a week ago, as I was getting ready to leave for the Conference of Bishops in Chicago, I went to urgent care because I was experiencing shortness of breath. I thought it was allergies. It turned out to be blood clots in both my lungs. After two days in the hospital, some intensive blood thinners and lots of rest, I am doing much better. Every day, I feel stronger. I have been in the office a little this week, and should return to full-time work starting next Tuesday. Everyone is telling me not to push it... and, trust me, I'm not. Twenty-two years ago I experienced a much worse episode of blood clots in the lungs which nearly killed me, pushed myself too quickly and paid for it with a much longer recovery.

Again, I appreciate you all!


Bishop Mike

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