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Being Church During Covid-19

Tuesdays at 6pm & Thursdays at 3pm

For all congregation leaders and members.

Bishop Mike, the Deans and Executive Council invite all congregation leaders to come together for weekly conversations.  The purpose is to create a space to talk about how to be the Church in such a time as this.  Bring your ideas, concerns, encouragements, prayers and whatever it might be on your mind as one of the leaders in your congregation and area.  Those present for the meeting will co-create the agenda.

Currently, we will host two open conversations.  One on Tuesday evenings at 6pm and one on Thursday afternoons at 3pm.  You are welcome to participate in as many meetings as you would like. 

There are three ways for you to connect: online, one tap mobile, or dial in. 

Contact Pastor Liz, assistant to the Bishop, for the phone number or internet link:

Liz.albertson@elca.org or (608) 498-5515.

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