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Living in Hope

Pandemic Stewardship for Today and What Comes Next

Without in-person worship, many congregations have great concern about finances. Many are wondering what ministry will be like when we physically gather again. How do we encourage generosity at a time when people are losing their income?

Rev. Pete Reuss, consultant with GSB Fundraising, will address these core challenges to congregational life, providing critical tools that will allow congregations to boldly do ministry in this time of uncertainty.

Join in on Tuesdays - May 12 & 19, 2020 - from 1-2pm

This two- part workshop will provide space to share concerns, learn best practices from an expert in the field and take away concrete ideas to try immediately or in the next few months! Experience how the way we talk about stewardship can increase feelings of connection, belonging, meaning, and hope as well as inspiring generosity.

Email or Call Pr. Liz from the Arkansas-Oklahoma Synod Office for a link to the event. or (608) 498-5515.

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